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The United States is a huge country, with a wide diversity of people, places, food, and traditions.

We want to give you a deeper understanding of the United States, its world-famous destinations, and its hidden backroads.

USA Tourism Board provides a sense of context and place through literature and the latest news. It’s also a place to find the latest travel and tour deals.

USA Tourism Board is not the official tourism board of the USA. It’s an ever-evolving site for the curious traveler.

About Me

Hi, I’m Melanie. I’ve been tracking trends in U.S. travel for more than a decade for both print and online publications. This site, like my other travel blogs, is a labor of love and an opportunity for me to put my own spin on places that inspire me to travel.

I am a self-exiled, southern-born writer living in the mid-Atlantic with family from the West, the Southwest, the Southeast, and the Northeast. Perhaps that will give you a sense of my perspective as an explorer of the USA. 🙂

What’s up with the weird name? USA Tourism Board?

Ha. It’s kind of a long story. Here’s the shortest version.

Back when I was starting to write about USA Travel, I wanted to contact the USA tourism board to get info on the whole country, each state in context. But there wasn’t one. At least not yet.

So, when I realized there was no claimant to the domain name, I snagged it. And I have hung onto it all these years, trying to find the time to launch a site worthy of the name.

In the meantime, U.S. government-backed organizations like Brand USA and Visit the USA have filled the void, doing more than I could ever do as an unofficial guide to the USA.

But, now, as I have resettled back in the U.S. after having lived several years abroad, I feel the urge to get out into the world. I am learning and re-learning things about the USA. And I find it valuable—for me and for others—to keep track of these things in a guide that I can search and research at any time.

As I post links to news and deals, write original pieces, and curate the best prose and products from the USA, I am building this site as a true hobbyist, learning about travel, e-commerce, web design, coding, and marketing—one post at a time.

This is fun for me. So I am trying to make it fun for you, too.

I write about aspects of the USA that interest me and promote guides that I would want to share—and do share—with my international friends. My USA is one that looks both inwards and outwards for inspiration and growth. For example, this but also this.

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